Logitech StreamCam Review

I’d been looking for a webcam for a while and getting a chance to test out the Logitech StreamCam, part of the Logitech for Creators line, showed me just how good the tech has gotten in recent years.

I was specifically looking for a webcam that would work well for my Twitch feed, and the StreamCam fit the bill perfectly.

The good

There are several things to like about the StreamCam, most notably its ability to stream at 60 FPS in 1080p. The ability to change to a vertical view by simply rotating the camera is great for people who prefer to shoot their streams that way.

The device looks pretty slick, too, and I liked the grey shell and canvas-like front cover.

Setup was easy, and everything was plug and play. There was no need to install any additional software before I could start streaming. Of course, you can make more tweaks to your video output by using the Logitech Capture software, but the fact that it’s not a necessary install is great for first-time streamers.

The 1.5m cable length is good for those who want to set up their cameras a little further away from their rig, too. The device also comes with two different mounts, but I personally used a longer camera arm that I bought separately.

The not-so-great

There are a few limitations to the StreamCam, though. First, I found the design choice to have a non-detachable USB-C cable to be a strange one, which means that you need to get an adapter if your desktop or laptop doesn’t have any USB-C ports. Sure, they’re easily available and cheap online, but it was still a minor annoyance to have to buy an additional adapter.

I did also encounter some issues with visual fidelity in low-light environments, but I use a backlight in my setup that fixes the problem easily. It would have been nice if the StreamCam came with its own light.


After a month of use, I’m confident in saying that I’ll be sticking to this camera for quite a while. I’d rate this device 4.5 out of 5.

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