PC vs Console: The Age-Old Debate

You’ve just had a long day, you crash into your couch and switch on your Nintendo, or any other console you own, BUT- there’s a problem. An error code, a hard drive issue, or a blinking blue light. What then? You turn to your trusty PC.

It’s a topic as old as Pong, Tetris or even Wolfenstein – the battle between gaming platforms. Some of us (and one particular member of the SupNerd crew who shall not be named) may be more accustomed to what we’re used to or what we grew up with, and that’s perfectly fine.

But it’s 2022! We stand at the precipice of upcoming next-gen technology and games, and I think it’s a good time to revisit our options.


They’re literally called video gaming consoles, which means that they’re made for that very purpose – gaming. Consoles are designed to be simple and easy for the average consumer. They’re plug and play. You connect the power cables, plug the HDMI cable into its ports, and… hey, you, you’re finally awake! You are ready to play games, and even some console-exclusive titles.

They truly fit the idea of an all-in-one entertainment system, being able to stream YouTube videos, TV shows, movies, music, or even Twitch livestreams, all at your fingertips. Even broadcasting to a live-streaming platform isn’t too difficult as you link accounts and navigate through the user interface.

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Armed with strong technical components such as the PS5’s custom AMD Radeon™ RDNA 2-based GPU that runs up to 2.23 GHz and 10.3 TFLOPS, games will load faster and run better than previous generation consoles. Plus, if you have no earthly idea what “TFLOPS” means, or what a “GPU” even is, that’s the point! You don’t really need to know those things when you’re gaming on a console. Hell, consoles are also cheaper than if you were to build a PC with similar specifications.

Okay, so that’s the point. Consoles can be cheaper, easier, and will meet your needs. 

But what about your wants? What if you want more powerful components, a machine custom-built for you, more frames and smoother refresh rates? What if, Gaben forbid, you encounter a problem like I mentioned in my first paragraph, and you can’t troubleshoot your way through a hardware fault? What if you want to construct additional pylons? What then? 

What if… PC?


If you go with the PC route, you delve into Wonderland, and find out just how deep this rabbit hole goes. PCs have lots to offer, but require more knowledge and money. Buying a pre-built rig with the wrong or weaker components will often result in less-than desired frame rates that make it seem like your games are choppy or lagging. Which is why I highly recommend building your own PC.

Putting the personal in Personal Computer.
(Credit: @tunaunga)

This red custom-PC pill, albeit expensive and (almost staggeringly) expansive in its myriad of topics and technical components, can be incredibly rewarding-

“But Quack, that doesn’t sound very convincing.”
I know, I know. It is a lot to take in. What is a GPU, how do I know what to look for, and why are they so gosh darn expensive?!

Trust me, while it might take a bit of effort and some technological know-how, learning about components and building your own PC is immensely satisfying. And, as an added bonus, your tech-illiterate friends will look to you as if you’re The One, Neo.

There are tons of resources available on PC building. Just search “how to build a pc” on Google, seriously. From step-by-step guides, to video tutorials, to websites that allow you to compare and pick parts most suitable for you, building your own custom-gaming PC has never been more accessible. Communities and subreddits such as r/buildapc are open for newcomers to submit threads, ask questions and seek help with troubleshooting as well.
In addition, once you’ve learned about the ins and outs of a PC, you’ll realize how modular it all is, allowing you to swap out faulty parts or upgrade at will.

And if you still aren’t convinced, there are custom-PC building companies available who will literally do all the work for you. ALL. THE. WORK.

Such services exist today, meeting the needs of the average consumer who may want that custom touch, but lack the knowledge to build it on their own. They’ll pick out parts that suit your needs, be it gaming, streaming, or both, build the rig for you, and even deliver it to your doorstep. Now we’re ready to game for real.

PC Games

Don’t be sorry any longer, boy. You are better, on PC.
(Credit: Steam Store Page)

Most games available on console are available on PC as well. Well, the PC ports might take a while before they’re released, but when you play titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn or God of War on PC, you play however you want. PC gives you the freedom of tweaking options to whatever is preferred. Fancy performance over graphics for smooth frames on your high refresh rate monitor? Or maximizing graphics settings so that you can enjoy every pixel at 4K resolution for the ultimate cinematic experience? It’s your choice.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too. Gaming on PC allows for a widely sociable multiplayer experience as you communicate over platforms such as Discord, or enjoy MMORPGs and esports titles such as VALORANT with friends online. Cross-platform options are becoming more available as well, with titles such as Halo Infinite giving players the option to game with friends who are on consoles.

Need a weapon, Chief? How about a mouse and keyboard?


Or, stick to a controller. At the end of the day, while PCs may do more and offer more freedom, consoles are still relatively cheaper and easier to use. It still boils down to personal preference. What’s important is that we’re all nerds who enjoy gaming, and sometimes, gaming can save the world.

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