Join Pokemon Unite’s first Champions League for a shot at $5,000

Supported by the Global Esports Festival, Pokemon Unite enthusiasts have a chance to compete against fellow trainers in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

The Pokemon Unite Singapore community with support from the Global Esports Festival will be launching its open tournament as a part of the celebrations, giving Pokemon Unite enthusiasts a chance to compete against fellow Pokemon trainers in Singapore. 

The event will begin on the 12th of December with its qualifiers before reaching the playoffs and grand finals on the 18th of December. The competition will feature the local Pokemon Unite community in the spotlight, as a community initiative to foster bonds among those who enjoy playing the game. The event will also feature broadcast talent from the community, bringing a flair and insight only someone deeply involved in the scene would be able to. 

Get a chance to grab some exclusive merchandise and SGD $5,000 in prize pool from the Pokemon Unite Singapore community over the course of the competition. Make sure your trainer is dressed to impress in and out of the game. 

For more details on how to signup and updates on the action, stay tuned to this space for the rundown on the developments. In the meantime take a look at the Pokemon Unite Singapore community

Trainers of Southeast Asia, the time is now! The sign-ups for the Champions League presented by PokeUnite Singapore and the Global Esports Festival 2021 are NOW OPEN!

Grab your team and get ready to face off for the chance to call yourselves the very best – and a shot at a SGD$5000 prize pool to boot!

📆 Dates:
12th December 2021 – Qualifier (Online)
19th December 2021 – Playoffs (Offline)

You can find more information about the tournament in the sign-up forms here: Pokemon Unite Champions League Sign Up Form

Are you fit to call yourself a CHAMPION? Find out and sign up now!

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