SupCast: Hit-Monkey

A Marvel animated series about a monkey that’s a hitman? Yes, please!

Tuna and Quack dive into the wacky and wonderfully violent world of the Hit-Monkey series. Should you go bananas (we apologise) about this or just stay chill about it like a macaque in a hot spring? Find out below!

Episode Guide:

00:00 – Intro
02:00 – First impressions
03:30 – Hulu’s doing Marvel stuff but in more adult takes
05:22 – Background on Hit-Monkey
08:02 – Spoilers begin (and we fawn over Sudeikis)
11:25 – The voice cast
13:45 – Cameos and deep-cuts
16:33 – What worked and what didn’t
20:23 – Why series like these matter
22:09 – Quack’s take on the animation
25:52 – Tuna’s Afro Ninja blunder
28:40 – Scores (not the music, Quack!)

Listen to the episode here!
Or watch the episode here!

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