SupCast: Loki Season 1/2

Carlo and Tuna discuss (more like rant) at the halfway point of the Loki series.

After two exhilarating episodes, the SupNerd team was kind of jolted (in a not-so-good way) by the third episode. So much so that our Gaming Editor Carlo and resident Movie Geek Tuna decided to have a chat/rant about the series before the final three episodes air.

Episode Guide:

0:00 – Intro
2:50 – What did you like about Episode 1?
5:21 – Elephant in the room – Lady Loki
6:55 – “Tension like you mentioned”
7:36 – Loki switching too abrupt/fast?
10:45 – Episode 3
12:35 – TemPad (snigger)
14:17 – TVA peeps are all variants
17:41 – Questions, multiverse movies, what’s going on?
19:49 – Who do you think are the Timekeepers?
20:57 – Fluidity of thy gender
23:58 – Loki’s masterplan?
26:02 – Tuna’s not smitten by Lady Loki
27:29 – Comparisons with other Marvel series

Listen to the episode here!
Or watch the episode here!

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