SupCast: Mickey Mouse

Why we are crazy about The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse .

Mickey Mouse. Yes, we’re fawning over a Mickey Mouse show. Tuna and Quack discover what they’ve been missing out for almost close to a decade. And they want you to know as well.

Episode Guide:

00:00 – Intro
03:10 – The revolution that we kinda missed
05:20 – Chance discovery
06:35 – Quack’s initial reaction
10:33 – Favourite episodes (Spoilers From Here)
15:46 – Horribly explaining the birds in Episode 8
21:38 – The voice cast
22:12 – Tuna’s favourite episode
25:24 – Udder hand and hillbilly Goofy
28:22 – How’d they get the green light for these jokes?
31:01 – Chris Diamantopoulos is THE MAN
34:50 – Scores!

Listen to the episode here!
Or watch the episode here!

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