SupCast: The Batman

Does the new Batman film by Matt Reeves live up to the hype?

Arguably the most anticipated film of the year, featuring a brand new Dark Knight, has hit the big screen. Adam and Ewan, both comic nerds and Batman fans, dissect what went right and what went wrong in this new film.


00:00 – Intro
01:19 – Did Battinson work?
02:50 – Movie live up to expectations?
09:48 – Scores before SPOILERS
14:00 – Spoilers begin!
14:54 – The Riddler
21:35 – The fear in the shadows
25:41 – British Bat?
26:34 – Batman having a negative effect on Gotham
28:29 – The other villains
32:11 – The side characters
35:04 – Is it too long?
36:18 – How about them moody moods?
38:10 – Wingsuit
40:13 – The score (is that the Imperial March?) and sound design
43:07 – Spoilt comic nerds
46:05 – The future for this film series (and that cameo/tease)

Listen to the episode here!
Or listen to the episode here!

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