SupCast: The Matrix Resurrections

Tuna and Quack take on the "Whoa" parts and the "Whaaaa" parts of this latest cinematic instalment in the mega Matrix universe.

A lot of opinions running wild regarding this latest Matrix film, so we have to chime in with ours. Have a listen as weathered Matrix fan Tuna reminisce and try to remember details about the whole Matrix universe, while Quack complains about the Catrix.

Episode Guide:

00:00 – Intro
01:44 – Quack’s overall thoughts
05:14 – The Matrix franchise/universe (including comics!)
06:50 – Initial intrigue of this latest film
09:15 – Smith 2.0
11:00 – Memberberries (both sides)
12:53 – Metaverse
17:20 – New crew
19:40 – Them action sequences
22:00 – New bullet-time? Frame-rate time?
25:00 – What did the story mean?
30:57 – Quack’s biggest gripe
31:58 – The M word, again
36:39 – Scores

Listen to the episode here!
Watch the episode here!

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