SupCast: Turning Red

Pixar’s latest animated movie is a triumphant success story for many reasons, but most importantly, it’s because it has a big, red (and fluffy) heart.

Adam chats with our special guest Lingyi from Wah! Banana about Turning Red – Pixar’s latest animated film helmed by a first-time female director, Domee Shi. 


00:00 – Intro
02:23 – Overall feel of the movie
05:12 – The 2002 setting
08:14 – (Red) Pandas and, um, periods?
10:25 – Domee and her works of art
15:40 – All female team leads (and some people complaining about it)
20:15 – The wonderful cast (and favourites)
26:38 – The music and the artists behind it
28:06 – Back to the slight controversy and the representation topic
35:35 – Quick take on Crazy Rich Asians (lol)
37:52 – Scores

Listen to the episode here!
Or watch the episode here!

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