The Marvel’s Midnight Suns trailer has this fanboy excited

So the announcement trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns just dropped, and even though I haven’t seen any gameplay, I’m pretty fucking excited.

I’m an unapologetic Marvel fanboy, from reading the comics as a boy, following the cinematic universe as an adult, and also playing most Marvel games I could get my hands on over the last couple of decades.

The last two Marvel games I’ve played, The Avengers by Square Enix and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 by Team Ninja, were definitely not enough. The former’s campaign was fun and the use of Kamala Khan as the main protagonist made it enjoyable, but the endgame was pretty useless and I never went back even after the patches and DLC.

Ultimate Alliance 3 was a whole lot of fun, and had a couple of zany moments, but it also had its issues with bad camera angles, a pretty abrupt storyline, and then no discernible endgame (to be fair, it wasn’t promised as a games as a service title like The Avengers).

Seeing the Midnight Suns trailer, though, has re-ignited that itch in the back of my mind again. 

It’s going to be a squad-based tactical RPG game involving some of the roster’s biggest names. You’ll play the role of ‘The Hunter’, an original character that will allow you to team up with the heroes you see in the trailer. There aren’t a lot of details yet, but the Big Bad will be Lilith, the mother of demons.

The heroes you choose to work with, and the relationships will also matter, according to Firaxis Creative Director Jake Solomon during the reveal.

There’s a gameplay reveal coming up next week, and I definitely can’t wait to see it.

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