Venom – Let there be Carnage Sneak Peek: Impressions (Spoiler-free)

My first encounter with Carnage was unsurprisingly from a game, specifically reading about “Spiderman & Venom: Maximum Carnage” in an old Nintendo Power magazine.

I was enthralled; the artwork looked like someone took Venom and turned his dial up to eleven. The descriptions on how Carnage was basically a wilder, crazier version of Venom (who, in my young mind, was already plenty crazy) immediately piqued my curiosity.

Leaked footage from Let there be Carnage

I’m reminded about that moment because Let there be Carnage is a wilder, crazier version of the first Venom film. Let me preface that if you enjoyed the first Venom, you’ll enjoy this one. Directed by Andy Serkis, expect a well-tuned CGI-fest, with the same weird bromance gags that still deliver on humour and help to develop Brock / Venom’s odd relationship and characters. Woody Harrelson plays a convincing serial killer (with equally convincing crazy eyes), reprising his cameo in the first Venom as Cletus Kasady. I mention “convincing” because it’s ultimately that origin point that helps sell the insanity that is Carnage, and how dangerous the pairing of Kasady / Carnage really is.

It was a helluva satisfying action-packed ride that delivers on fun. Stay for the end, there’s one after-credits scene and it’s a good one.

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